10 Natural foods to cure erectile dysfunction

Erecticle Dysfunction

Can certain food items prevent the condition of Erectile Dysfunction? There has been evidence which shows that certain foods are good for curing the condition of erectile dysfunction. The food that we consume plays a crucial role in maintaining sexual health. Research has indicated that some of the specific nutrients from the most common vitamins to lesser known of plant extracts have already demonstrated quite a positive effect on the penile erections. The healthy diet and avoidance of eating processed and unhealthy food helps a long way in relieving from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Eating foods which are being loaded with loads of fruits, vegetables are effective in improving the condition of ED. You will be surprised to know that there are certain food items which assist in getting the longer and also stronger erections.

List of certain food items which helps in maintaining erections for stronger durations

Let’s check out the list of certain food items which helps in maintaining erections for stronger durations


The caffeine kick from a cup of coffee boosts metabolism, gets the blood pumping and enhances endurance through the release of fat stores giving you the energy to last for the whole night. So your morning cup of coffee imparts your sex life a boost too.


The men with harder erections possess healthy hearts, so one should eat bananas for the potassium which is good for the circulation and heart. Getting enough amount of potassium keeps the sodium level under control and stops the blood pressure from hitting the roof itself and also reduces the risk of cardiac problems.


The omega 3 fatty acids which are present in the oily fish make blood less sticky and enhance the blood flow towards the various body parts. You should eat fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna around two times a week and keep all the arteries well oiled.


Do you fancy cherries? The cherries contain a high amount of anthocyanins which are extremely colorful plant chemicals that protect the walls of arteries and help to prevent fatty plaques which actually causes atherosclerosis or the clogged arteries. Berries and various other fruits which are brightly colored like peaches and plums keep the walls of the arteries smooth.


The phytochemical known as allicin which is present in the onion as well as garlic makes the blood thin and enhances the circulation thereby making it less likely to clot and also to clog. Take online with every food not fried but take it directly some time onions juices will also remedy fast.


Wine especially the red one contains a good amount of antioxidant phytochemical resveratrol that actually assists in opening arteries for increasing the production of nitric oxide. The chemical nitric oxide which is naturally produced in the body facilitates the blood vessels to expand and this is exactly the manner Viagra works too. But Viagra only works on the small blood vessels and the resveratrol assists the main arteries too.


This is a sweet and extremely refreshing fruit which contains a compound which has quite a similar of the effect as that of the erectile dysfunction medicine on the blood vessels. It may also rev up the sex life of the person. Most of the watermelon comprises of the water and remaining of the fruit is being loaded with the lycopene. This particular antioxidant is extremely good for heart, prostate as well as the skin.

Dark Chocolates

The dark chocolate treat has the perk even below the belt too. Consuming an ounce of the dark chocolate a few times in a week can be extremely good for the heart and also various other body parts too. Since this sweet treat is rich in flavanols which is the plant nutrient that increases the rate of blood flow and also lowers down the pressure. It also assists the body in the production of nitric oxide which assists in the erections just like many of the ED medications.


Looking at the walnuts they contain lots of arginines. This is an amino acid that the body utilizes to produce nitric oxide. The nuts are also an extremely good source of vitamin E, folic acid as well as the fiber. You can consume a handful of nuts in the daily diet. They are extremely rich in calories.


The garlic has already been herald as the wonderful herb from more than a thousand of years. It comprises of allicin which causes the improvement in the blood flow. A research study was conducted on eight men who were suffering from erectile dysfunction. When they were fed with four of the garlic cloves each and every day for a continuous period of 3 months, there is an improvement in their ability to maintain an erection. It proved to be extremely useful in the long term prevention of heart disease.


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