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DEFINITION AND DESCRIPTION Allergies are one of the most chronic disorder in the world. Allergies also called allergic diseases. It includes the overstated reaction of the immune system of the body to something that is usually little risky to most of the people. The symptoms of allergy range from a slightly uncomfortable condition like making […]

Alternatives To Breastfeeding

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No one should go for infant formula because breast milk is the only food designed by The Only Creator exclusively for babies, so when it comes to infant nutrition, breast milk is the best option. You have to give breast milk exclusively for six months and then you may add some other soft foods with breast […]

Breast Feed

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The food mom eats is the baby nutrition. So every mom should take extra care while pregnant. Baby nutrition takes the highest place in a mom’s daily life priorities. New parents are subjected to a wide range of opposing advice about new baby nutrition. But with a couple of basic rules–and some counsel from MEGA Healthcare– […]