4 Basic Fundamentals of Raising a Baby

When you hold your little bundle of joy for the very first time in your hands, fundamentals of raising a baby flow in your mind. You will have all the experiences – good, bad, and ugly. Raising a baby is much more than snuggles and cuddles.

Lots of things happen daily from snuggling your baby to changing the diaper, feeding, bath, calming him in the middle of the night and above all managing your own personal life. But do not worry, we will discuss the basic fundamentals of raising a baby here to make your journey a bit easier.

Here are the basics of raising a baby

Feeding the newborn

As all of you know that mother’s milk is the best food for your baby, worries get away if you can breastfeed the baby exclusively for the first six months. Doctors all over the world advise breastfeeding your baby for the initial six months. Breastfeeding can also soothe a fussy baby in all the times.

Breastfeeding also needs to be done carefully to take its advantage to its best for both the mother and the baby. Maintain a good posture while feeding your newborn and feed when the baby demands.

Changing the diaper

For this, you should maintain a diaper bag from the day one. It is advised to keep diapers, wet wipes, diaper rash cream (containing zinc oxide), and a clean towel or changing pad to lay down your baby safely.

Your newborn might soil up to 10 to 11 diapers a day. You need to check the diaper before and after each nap he takes and after each feed too. When the diaper is soiled, you should change it immediately to avoid rashes and keep your baby comfortable.

Set up a safe place to change the diaper which is comfortable for both of you and keep things handy to maintain hygiene.

Taking your newborn for vaccination

Immunization against diseases is generally safe. Fever and little pain are the most common post effects of vaccinations which can be controlled by a dose of paracetamol prescribed by the pediatrician. Avoid baby massage after vaccination for 72 hours.

Always follow the vaccination calendar given by your doctor. The vaccine schedule which is recommended and designed by the experts provide the best possible protection to your baby.

After vaccination, you must soothe the baby with your touch. You can use the cool compress to numb the pain on the sore area after discussing with the doctor.

Putting your newborn off to sleep

The major worry for the new parents is their child’s sleep. It takes time to understand the sleep pattern of your baby as it is different for all the babies.

According to experts, you should set a bedtime routine possibly by 6 to 8 weeks. Dim the lights and turn down the noise about 30 minutes before the bedtime. It helps you to set the internal clock of your baby. Expose your baby to bright light during the daytime. Do not keep up too late.

Other calming rituals can also be followed such as baby massage, a warm bath, softly spoken bedtime stories or lullabies. If you will carry out the same activities, the baby will get to know what to expect every night.

Have more tips to add to the list of fundamentals of raising a baby? Please share with us your experience in the comments section below. You might like to read more parenting tips to sail through the voyage.

Wish you Happy Parenting!

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