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The smartphone on your pocket can do wonders more than you observed it may. It connects you to a global community of over three billion people. It assists you to keep a track of your calorie consumption alongside tips for a wholesome way of life. We examined 5 one-of-a-kinds and popular nutrition apps for Android and iOS and collected their execs and cons listed under:

 1#.FatSecret Calorie Counter

Calorie counter by means of Fat Secret is extra than just any fundamental calorie counter. Along with many other capabilities, it is usually nutritional diary to maintain song of your food intake and to file the energy you burn. It has each Facebook and Google login facilities.


  • Free for both Android and iOS
  • Easy to use
  • Provides excellent meal guidelines
  • Provides a listing of day by day errands inclusive of using, sitting, desk paintings and so forth. To help you spoil down your day
  • Comes with barcode scanning function


  • Doesn’t offer Exercise dreams inclusive of exercises/week
  • Lacks in fitness center sports


Fooducate is supposed to be your partner when you cross for grocery shopping and is used as non-public nutrition teaches. Not only it presents meals pointers but additionally helps you to compare merchandise and suggest options. You can Plexaderm reviews to check about the product that can remove wrinkles from your face.


  • Free for both Android and iOS
  • Allows you to experiment products
  • Easy to use
  • Keeps a song of your intake and daily nutrients dreams
  • Shows the components of products alongside healthier options
  • Provides rating of merchandise so that you can healthy them into your day by day routine


  • The more nutrient and fitness monitoring feature calls for premium subscription
  • A customizable gluten function also can be bought


MyFitnessPal is an easy to apply app that incorporates interactive interface. It gives a massive meals database with over five million specific meals alternatives. The app is in collaboration with various other apps inclusive of Fitbit, Apple Health and many others app for. To convey the exceptional to you. 


  • It’s free for both Android and iOS
  • User-friendly and provides an interactive interface
  • Provides barcode scanning characteristic
  • The app’s pie chart for protein, carbohydrate and fats consumption is quite useful to hold music


  • The apps predictions approximately your weight loss/gain are not accurate
  • The apps give you more calories for the day based on the belief which you have done some killer cardiovascular exercise
  • When you’re making a meal from scratch, it’s without a doubt hard to enter each little bit of information within the app

4#.My Diet Coach

What makes this app extraordinary than others is that it specializes in the urge to eat in place of converting what your consumption. The app also offers inspirational prices, guidelines and reminders to help you stay on course.


  • Free for both Android and iOS
  • Reminds you to drink water, eat wholesome snacks and vital things
  • The app features goal placing and then tracks it for you
  • It affords special motivational costs and tips to preserve you wholesome


  • The iOS meals database is very limited
  • Some motivational charges are probably debatable
  • The consumer must claim the hazard zones, set a time for reminders and have their phones at the one’s times


Apart from a barcode scanner and recording your meal history, Fitbit tracks your steps and different elements of your existence.


  • You can venture your pals via the app
  • Records your energy burnt, distance traveled and steps
  • In collaboration with Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale to help you preserve the music of your weight
  • Monitors your heart charge and sleep patterns


  • It has restricted meals database

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