Emergency Dentistry Kit Recommended by Pediatric Dental Group

Everyone should be all the time be prepared for all types of emergency. When you have processed your mind and body then it becomes easy to handle the difficult situations without any problem. So how will you prepare yourself for such emergencies and especially dental emergencies?

There is a simple solution given by the pediatric dental group of having a dental emergency kit all the time with you and especially when your child is interested in playing sports and is ambitious about it.

Dental emergencies and its Types:

Before you start collecting the items necessary, which are going to be discussed afterwards, you need to learn what are a dental emergency and the types you could face. These emergencies can occur as a result of the clumsiness of the child at home or school, during a fight and while playing sports. So your child can suffer from the following teeth harm;

  1. A broken tooth is the most common dental emergency that can happen to your child during play or can be caused by an accident. Either the tooth can be partially or fully damaged.
  2. Many times nerves in the roots can get infected which results in pain in the tooth. It can cause swelling of the cheeks and gums.
  3. When children trip over whatever the reason may be, has a negative effect on the teeth. The fillings or the crown can lose and the fallout from the place.
  4. Sometimes the tissues and gums in the mouth get damaged which results in uncontrollable bleeding.
  5. During accident grains of various sorts can get stuck in between the teeth which are difficult to remove.          
  6. A child always plays with a passion so during that he/ she can completely lose a tooth. It can cause intense pain and bleed from the gums.

Pediatric Dentist Tulsa is among many who have trained and skilled dentists that can treat these emergencies in very less time.

Kit Items Recommended by Pediatric Dental Group:

It is very reasonable that you are always prepared for any type of dental emergency that is discussed above. So equipping yourself with a kit that has all the essential things is the best way to be ready for any emergency. Below are the items that should be in the kit in every house that has been recommended by Emergency Dentist in Tulsa.

Surgical Gloves:

Your bare hand many germs than you can think so always have gloves when you want to put the hand in the mouth of a child. Two types of gloves materials can be used; either nitrile or latex. But dentists prefer to use nitrile as many have a latex allergy.

Clove and Oregano Oil:

Fresh oregano and cloves have been used on teeth to relieve pain since very long. They have antibacterial to reduce the spread of infection. Oil of both clove and oregano can be poured onto cotton or cloth and applied o the tooth.

Dental Mirror:

It is used to observe the inside of the mouth to see any injury or damage done by any bad incident. It reflects the outer light inside so it becomes easy to look in even the darkest corners of the mouth.

Gauze Pad and Cotton Balls:

These two help in applying for medicines on the teeth and gums. Also helps stop the blood or any pus oozing out. But the cotton balls and gauze pads should be of good quality and always use clean to ensure hygiene in the mouth.

Common Salt:

When you want to clean the mouth of any food or dirt fragments saltwater is the finest way to do it. If the particles are not taken out it can cause serious pain when there is any damage in the teeth, gums or other parts of the mouth.

Different types of Syringes:

At times medicine or saltwater needs to get to the difficult parts of the mouth, so various syringe sizes must be kept for this purpose. The syringes can also be used to clean the infected areas of the mouth.

Tea Bags:

You must be thinking that how can something as simple as a tea bag can be beneficial in dental emergencies? Well, green tea has natural ability to relieve the patient of pain and infection so it is good to have tea bags of various types in the dental kit.

Approved Antibiotics and Pain Killers:

Your pediatric dentist must have recommended specific types of antibiotics and painkillers for your child, so keep them too. You must be very careful in giving the child correct medicine because a wrong one can affect the health of your child.

Other Tools:

There are other tools which can be put into the dental emergency bag like; tartar scraper, temporary fillings, Q-tips and elevators. But there will be less need of them as they have advance usage.

Like any other first aid kit, a dental emergency bag which is recommended by the pediatric dental group should be set to go with you whenever you are going on a trip or taking your child to play any sports.

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