Everything You Need To Know for Wedding Perfumes

Wedding is a very special event in anyone’s life. Friends and family members come together to celebrate it with you, bringing in lots of gifts and happy moments along with a blessing. This is the day when you try to be your best, wearing the finest of dresses, with right makeup and hair. However, there is one thing that every bride seems to miss completely while getting ready for her D-day and that is perfume. The way you smell is as important as the way you dress up on this important day of your life. You will be meeting so many guests and people, hugging them and taking blessings, smelling bad at this point of time is not admissible.

To help you in being your best self on your wedding day, we have expert-approved tips, tricks and fragrance suggestions that you can try out to smell amazing on this day.

Wearing Perfume On The Wedding Day:

It is easy to wear perfume. All you have to do is just spray, but what matters is where you spray and how you are doing it. Wearing perfume is an art, which once perfected will make you smell amazing no matter what happens. Here are some easy ways to try to smell like a million buck on your wedding day.

Apply perfume on your skin:

Since you will be wearing very expensive heavy dresses on your wedding day, it is not advisable to spray perfume on the outfits as most of us usually do. This might leave stains on your clothes. It is better to spray perfume on your skin to make it fragrant and long-lasting. You can spray on your pulse points underneath the clothes as well as on pulse points that are visible such as wrist, neckline and so on. These points will allow your perfume to dissipate at a proper rate for longer hours.

Spray a little on hair:

Along with applying perfume on your skin, spray a little on your hair as well. It will help you in enhancing the fragrance and maintain for hours. The fragrance will be consistent and enhanced the way you want it to be. However, make sure to use non-alcoholic perfume while doing this. Alcoholic perfumes can make your hair dry and frizzy.

Carry perfumed handkerchief:

Since you will be carrying a handkerchief with you during and after the ceremony, try and spray a little perfume on it. Use a handkerchief made of cotton fabric, as it tends to contain perfume for longer hours, holding it in. When you feel that your fragrance is reducing, you can take this out of your purse and hold it or tuck it in your dress somewhere. You will smell as amazing as you were before.

Perfumes You Need To Try For Wedding :

If you are looking out for ideal perfumes to wear on your wedding day, here are some of our favourites. Don’t worry they are approved by the experts as well.

Louis Cardin Gold Eau de parfum:

It is a mesmerising Eau de parfum for women with the warmth of citruses and gardenia leaves, having roses, jasmines, iris and Artemisia in the heart and patchouli and sandalwood in the base. The fragrance is intense yet elegant.

Colour Me Red femme Eau de parfum:

For that bubbly bride who spreads joy wherever she goes, this is an ideal perfume. It opens with floral and spicy scent having fruity moss notes in the heart and warm woody vanilla at the base. Just a few sprays are enough to make you smell amazing.

Lomani Desire Eau de parfum:

An elegant fruity perfume with floral notes in the heart and warm gourmand notes in the base. It delivers long hours of freshness making your personality one of a kind. Spray on your pulse points for lasting freshness.

You can get all these international perfumes online in India on popular perfume stores. Not just perfumes for women but also fragrances for men are available on these websites. All these international perfumes are sourced from top-selling brands from different part of the world. Hence you can be assured about the quality of the perfumes. Moreover, these online perfume stores also provide an amazing discount on 100% original perfumes and deodorants available for men and women. Apart from this, you can also buy perfume combo packs, deodorant combo packs and perfume gift sets for weddings and anniversaries in case you are looking. Everyone loves to receive an amazing branded perfume in gift especially the newlywed couple. Keep these tips in mind, choose the right perfume and use it properly to smell amazing on your D-day. Everyone around will feel amazing as well whenever they will come near you. Be the breath of fresh air on your wedding day with an amazing international perfumes.

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