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Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy so that the moments of life can be enjoyed perfectly but they don’t know how to stay fit and healthy.If you are fit and keep doing so, then it would be a bonus for you and will lead you to be happier and healthier person. If you want to have longer age then staying fit and taking exercise are prerequisites. A stronger and healthier person can serve his/her nation very well. Actually, the human body based on the activity the more you are active the stronger you will be. When you do exercise regularly, you become more flexible and create durability in yourself. When you stay fit and healthy, not only you stay happy and fresh but you also stay far from getting any medical problem such as metabolic syndrome, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart attack, high cholesterol, depression, arthritis, certain sort of cancer, diabetes and hypertension among others. Your bones on which your whole body stands will be strong only when you take exercise on regular basis. While aging you can slow the loss of bones’ strength by taking exercise. Along with keeping fit, you should choose some good foods. Here are so many tactics to keep fit and everyone can adopt all or some of them to keep fit and stay happy. The only thing which is demanded is dedication, regularity, and ambition.

Always try to maintain a healthy weight at a specific level and encourage your family to do so because for staying fit and healthy you must have normal weight because abnormal weight leads to various diseases. Try to eat a low-fat diet. Some foods will add to obesity and obesity indirectly linked to cancer. Try to integrate your physical activity and movement into your life. Try a diet that rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.


Always try to make time for taking exercise on a daily basis. Any physical activity causes to spur brain chemicals that in most of the time give you relaxed feelings. Any type of exercise even of very little time offers immediate relief in a stressful situation. Exercise may include jogging, running, walking or cycling. Regardless of your stamina and skills jogging, walking or cycling is very integral part of doing exercise and the important tactics which keep you healthier and happier—loved the lifestyle. The aforementioned activities can keep your muscles active and keep your blood flowing. A new study suggests that running as slight as 5 to 10 minute a day can lessen the risk of death from heart disease. By doing exercise you can keep better physique and you will feel better by having a good appearance which can boost your confidence and self-esteem—the prerequisite for success in every walk of life. According to American Council on Exercise the exercise can decrease stress and increase the ability to think better and when you can think better you will be able to stay fit. Source:pexels

To stay fit and healthy you can use your cycle as cycling is inexpensive and the best option for keeping your knees strong and painless and cause your bones to lose strength at a slower rate. Jogging is an interesting exercise because it cost very less and you can jog at a time. Since jogging, walking or cycling are aerobic exercises so it has very pleasant effects on lungs too and your blood can take more oxygen with it. It also helps to reduce the fat in the body by combining it with oxygen. Gradually you will increase your distance, speed and time of jogging or walk.

Always go for exercise with a friend, it will give you some motivation and also your friend will help you if you need some assistance.

Nowadays everyone is busy and hardly manage time to go outside for workout but you still need to stay fit and healthy because you want to look smart and healthy therefore you can work out at home that will be very easy, flexible, less costly and beneficial. Exercise at home may include the following:


To stay fit and healthy you may do Push-ups in your home. This is a tactic in which the person is in complete prone position and give motion to the whole body up and down with the straightening and bending of hands and keeping the body completely straight and give support to the bod by hands and toes.


An exercise in which you lie on your back and use your stomach muscles to raise the top part of the body to a sitting position that helps in staying fit.


Yoga is also a very beneficial and very easy to do at home on a carpet or yoga mat.If you’ve no issue to enjoy dancing and can manage, then you do it until you start sweating, it will cause your body to lose extra fat and also make your body flexible. Ultimately you will feel fresh after dancing.


If the gym is affordable for you and you like its atmosphere then the gym is the best place for a workout. Utilize the machines for cardio and weights but be aware of the comparison between weights of machines and your weight because if you use weights that are rather heavier for you then it has bad effects on your body. In initial days try to left lighter weights and gradually you will be able to leave heavier weights later too. Going to gym needs consistency and regularity but when you become used to it you will feel a lot better because now you’re almost fit.

“Always follow the instructions your mentor give you when you are not sure what to do next in your exercise.”


If you can’t join a gym for any reason and you have some recreational places in your home town and sports team, then joining these teams would be very beneficial. By joining such team you will have some outside visits and fun too. These games may include Dodgeball, Kickball, softball, Basketball and ultimate Frisbee. Moreover, these games have some positive effects on your health you will create determination in yourself by playing games in a team and you will create a sense of competition in yourself too. You will try to outclass others in these games and it will lead to increase your confidence.

It’s important to give at least 30 minutes out of 24 hours to do some exercise. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people are enough active if they do a workout for 30 minutes every day, five days a week. More is even better, but any amount is better than none.

It’s quite obvious that smoking is injurious to health so always try not to smoke and avoid the smoky environment. It’s hard to quit smoking but it’s also very far from impossible. Numberless people stop smoking for good life. Keep trying to quit and you will quit completely in seven or eight attempts. Take some assistance and guidance from health-care centers because you have to quit because you cannot stay fit and healthy when you smoke. You can also join a health quit program which greatly helps you to quit it. Quitting smoke is very necessary because if you smoke then there are chances that your children will start smoking too. Don’t smoke in your bedroom or car because it will affect others in your family and easily causes lung cancer.


Along with working out a balanced diet is a must because you need necessary elements for your body to be absorbed by the body so that you can maintain a good health. By doing exercise you lose a bit of your health that loses. Here are some good suggestions for selecting a balanced diet for your health. Source:pexels


These are pre-prepared and packaged foods and are appealing and enjoyable but it contains no real nutritional value. It may include potato chips, candy that is high in sodium and sugar but of little nutritional value. Eating at a restaurant is a pleasure for most of the families but by preparing your own food at home you will have the control over the ingredients so you can use natural ingredients rather than unhealthy processed foods. Secondly, it is economical to prepare foods at home. Source:pexels

To stay fit and healthy in life you have to get rid of these junk foods because if you exercise and eat a lot of junk foods then you’re wasting time and will not get any fitter. So to be healthy you should avoid these junk foods. You can eat a few such foods.

It’s high recommended that you make vegetables and fruit an integral part of every meal and try to eat vegetables as a snack. Give preference to chicken, fish or bean over red meat. Make your dishes with olive oil or canola oil which are high in healthy fats.

There is some food that is high in sugar should be avoided for instance foods, Donuts, cakes, cookies, pudding, cereals and dried fruits and sodas.While some are high in fats like processed meat, butter, hydrogenated oil, cheese and animal fats. Some are high in cholesterol such as egg yolk, fried foods etc.

Sometime it is difficult to cook food for yourself every day to maintain balanced diet due to time shortage. But you can find a restaurant either to eat there or take away with yourself because by having balanced diet you can increase your energy and productivity. A balanced diet can boost the metabolism and you will feel happier because you consume the nutrients and vitamins that your body demands. Always try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables like apple, orange, onion, carrot, banana, melon, broccoli etc and never go for canned fruits and vegetables.

When you want to intake proteins, then try to have fresh fish, poultry, and beef or bake them with extra virgin olive oil. You can also use lemon juice with herbs for this purpose.

Foods high in fiber are cooked lentils, black beans, green peas, pears, raspberries and oat bran.Vitamins and minerals are very important for enhanced immunity and healthy development.

Some people skip meal intentionally to lose weight but they are very wrong because when you skip a meal, it lessens the speed of metabolism which leads to losing of nutrients which your body demands. For better health, you must take your breakfast and dinner quite full while taking your lunch light or you can skip your lunch.


Water is very essential for the human body because the human body is almost 65% composed of water—major chemical component. So if you drink enough water you help your body to stay fit and healthy. The amount of water drunk varies individual to individual. It also depends on how much you are active, weather, your body weight. Most of the functions in human body occur only in the presence of water for instance enzymes–which digest food, work only in the presence of water. Each and every organ of your body is dependent upon water so keep drink water more and more.

Image Source:pexels

Each and every day you lose water through your breath, perspiration, urine or bowl movement so you try to take more and more water to refill your body with water. Try to take a minimum of 8oz. of fluids a day which is equal to 1.9 liters. If you don’t drink enough water it may cause to the painful kidney stone and ultimately leads to chronic dehydration.


According to the American Journal of Health Behavior keeping social connections have very good influences over human health especially mental health. It may be through volunteering activities, joining a club or attending a cinema, public activities or other activities which are done for the betterment of society. All these activities result in better mental functioning by keeping the mind dynamic. It also helps in keeping the serotonin level in balance.

Nowadays there has come the social media through which people can know what happens around them and also can help each other. By doing this one can keep oneself busy which has better effects on human mental health. By using social networks one can know about the tactics which can help you in staying fit and healthy.

Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, google plus, Instagram among others are the platform on which people can upload statuses and can read the status or comments of others through which one can learn from other people about the latest issues around the globe—it will keep you busy which has better effects on health. According to the latest research, it is recommended that do upload your own statuses on Facebook, twitter, google plus etc so that the people can read it and can comment or share it, it will reduce your sense of inferiority complex and you will feel confident when you receive comments from people from various backgrounds.

This latest research shows that those who don’t upload their statuses on social networks and only read the statuses of others are the victims of inferiority complex. I mean that you should keep yourself busy all the time and make others do so. By doing so you can keep fit and crazy.

Nowadays due to high technological advancements, there are some changes occur in nature which affects everyone badly. So I recommend you to take exercise for your health and stay fit all the time. The more you are active the more you will feel extra crazy. So anyone who wants to have better health should adopt (even little) the aforementioned tactics but on regular basis.

In the start, it will seem hard for some people to make time for exercise, and even if they make the time they will see no major changes in their bodies but consistency and regularity will bring them happiness very soon.

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