How does Neti Pot Help Sinus Infection?

Health has become a major issue in the world today. In today’s world where stress and unhealthy lifestyle is the rule, people are suffering from various diseases.  Billions of dollars are spent every year on research and development of new medicines to cure various ailments. But at the end of the day, these medicines have limited benefits as every new concoction comes with its own downside.

Modern medicine is not only costly but also effective in a limited sense as most of these medicines just manage rather than cure the disease. For instance, a blood pressure pill just controls the blood pressure for the time being after which you need to pop in yet another pill. As an alternative to modern medicine, we have Yoga in India which can keep the diseases at bay by following yoga practices that have no side effects, are effective, and free.  

Yoga dates back some 5000 years and since then has been practiced in India. Now, people all over the world are discovering its benefits. However, for most people, yoga means asanas – the physical exercise routine and pranayama – the breathing exercises. But yoga is much more than that. It is a complete workout of body, mind and soul. Its procedures of cleansing and detoxification, which are absolutely essential for keeping fit, are even lesser known.

‘Shatkarma’ or six techniques of cleansing are a surefire way to manage various ailments. Jala Neti is one of the six purifying techniques, according to “Hatha Yoga Pradipika.”   It is a simple and a cost-effective way to cleanse the sinus infection. Take salt water from one nostril and let it flow out from the other and vice versa. Neti pots, the only thing required to perform Jal Neti is available at wholesale prcing from, the company which is known for making quality yoga products.   

The clogged veins network on the face area – nose, eyes, and forehead – can cause severe headaches and many other disorders including retarding the growth in children and even cause serious conditions. An untreated sinus infection can spread to the brain or to the tissue surrounding the brain.  

The modern medicine has only one remedy for such ailments and that is surgery but with the Yoga Jal Neti pot it can be managed easily without much hassle.   Practicing Jal Neti is especially beneficial for clearing the nasal passages of dust particles and other allergens. Flushing the nasal passages on a regular basis can help reduce sinusitis and soothe dry nasal passages. Apart from this, other benefits of Jal Neti are

1.    Clears excess mucus from the nasal passages

2.    Expels  bacteria  

3.    Relieves breathing disorders

4.    Cools the head

5.    Promotes mental clarity

6.    Improves vision  

To perform Jala Neti one needs a Neti pot which makes the process easier. Jal Neti is done by a Neti pot filled with lukewarm saline water which is poured through the nasal passages. Neti pots and Neti salts are readily available online and in local health food stores. Neti pots are typically made of glazed ceramic, stainless steel, copper or plastic. Soulgenie sells a variety of Neti Pots at wholesale prices through its website  Its glazed ceramic and metallic Neti pots are specially crafted for the professional Yoga practitioners.

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