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Achieving the goals you set for your weight is not easy. It requires very much hard work and determination. You need to exercise regularly and follow a strict diet to lose weight.

But with time, your weight loss strategy becomes second nature to you. You become used to your diet and exercise. The hard part is when you achieve your weight goals and want to return to a normal pattern of eating.

When dieting, the diet becomes your habit and seeing the weight fall, you are okay with following the strict diet. But when are not on a diet anymore, you want to start eating normally but finding a way to make the transition becomes quite difficult.

The only way you can maintain your weight is lifestyle changes. When you incorporate certain rules to your lifestyle, it becomes your habit, and you don’t feel restricted. But that transition is difficult, that is why here are some tips that can help you make a smooth transition to keep your weight in check and eat food that you love.

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Here are the tips:

1.     Accept that there will be setbacks

There will be times when you will have setbacks, with maintaining your weight. When you will feel like eating that third helping of dessert or indulging in your favorite meal. But that’s okay. When you are learning to eat normally so that your weight doesn’t increase after losing it, little slips here and there are okay.

Make sure that it doesn’t become a pattern, as that can be a problem. At the end of the day, when you eat too much, don’t feel guilty. Stop thinking about it, and start fresh from the morning.

2.     Practice mindful eating

Mindless eating can lead to overeating and is a kind of snacking which makes you forget how much you are eating and what you ate. It is not good for you, as if this continues; you can gain back the weight you lost.

Thus, practice mindful eating. It means while eating, the focus should only be on the food. All distractions like T.V or phone should be kept at a distance. It will help you take small bites and cherish each bite without overeating.

3.     After weight loss, don’t have inculcate any rigid eating habits

While on the weight loss journey, you had a strict diet and stayed away from the food you love. Now, once have achieved that goal, you can eat that but in small quantities and rarely.

But if you start following another strict regime where you cannot eat your favorite dish, it will make you binge eat other things to compensate for that. That can be addictive and unhealthy. That is why to include food you love in your diet in small quantities sometimes so that they don’t have any power over you.

4.     Eat only when you feel hungry

It is important that you learn to read your body signals. It will help you differentiate between the time you are hungry and the time when you are eating out of boredom or because you are sad.

It is extremely important to restrict your eating due to emotional issues. Otherwise, it will become an addiction, and you will gain back your weight.

You can even take help from a counselor and work on your emotional eating.

5.     Food journal

Most of you already went through with this while on your diet. But even in your maintenance phase, you should maintain a diet planner. Write about all that you are eating so that you can keep track of your calorie intake. It will also help you figure out whether you are succeeding or failing at maintaining your body weight.

6.     Protein is crucial

Protein reduces the development of hormone, which is responsible for hunger, thus reducing your appetite. Include protein in your diet, and it will help you feel full and keep you satisfied for long.

These were some tips that can effectively help you maintain your weight after losing it. Also, take proper sleep; otherwise your body’s sleep signal will get disrupted.

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