How to Train your mind

You might know that the human brain is a powerful organ and we are just using a weebit of its capacity during our lifetime.   But there are studies and evidence that help us to safely conclude that you can make your mind more powerful by training it adequately. The Brain exercises are believed to be capable of making you achieve what you previously considered impossible. Meditation provides physical as well as mental benefit. It deals adequately with anxiety and stress and prevents depression and improves the functioning of the immune system.  Research by  Neuro Scientist Richard.J. Davidson on Tibetan Monks Has confirmed that years of meditative practice can increase the neuroplasticity of the brain and help it reorganize itself by creating fresh neural connections. Therefore, to Train your mind, means to increase the brain’s ability to use the changes in the environment and experiences to create favorable structural changes.

Training your brain

Training of your mind could e of different types and it could be to produce different end results. Some of the common results that you might want to achieve include

  • To Train your mind to improve focus
  • Training to learn faster and retain it in memory
  • Training to think out of box
  • Training to go positive
  • Training to use the huge potential that your subconscious has to offer

So on and so forth. You will be surprised to note that meditation and mindfulness can help you achieve this and much more. The key is not only to train your mind but also ensuring that you continue to do it without a break until it becomes a habit.

Ways to train your mind


Create a magical space in your mind and tap into your imagination.  Keep imagining that you are reaching your goal, make this imagination as realistic as possible, including features like what feeling you are expecting at that moment, the people there to cheer you etc. keep running this imaginationwhile you are preparing yourself to achieve your goal, it will give you the motivation, concentration and focus to achieve the goal.

Listen to your inner voice

The innervoice which is a sort of a shock absorber is a boon. But, if the inner voice ebbs with negativity, it is quite unlikely for you to achieve your goals. Therefore, try to listen to your inner voice and train it to change from negativity to positivity and direct your actions towards making the mind believe the positive vibe.  Use self-talk, self-affirmationsetc to change negative thoughts to positive ones.

Visual reminders

Just as getting trained for a skill takes time, to Train your mind requires time too. You can also positive vision boards and wall stickers to reinforce positivity.These reminders will help you stay on course to train the mind.

Mind Training and your brain

Training your mind also means ensuring that your brain is in shape and active as well. the exercises that can enhance the functioning of the brain include

  • Involving yourself in some brain-training game such as solving puzzles, password, Sudoku etc
  • Physical exercise
  • Eating a good breakfast and a healthy diet throughout the day
  • Limiting the time you sit idly in front of the television
  • Laughing and being happy
  • Learning something new one after another depending on your interest.
  • Not engaging yourself in things you find boring and those from which you will learn anything.
  • Meditating to improve concentration and memory

To Train your mind is difficult, but it is not impossible. Therefore, investing adequate time to achieve it, will transform your life admirably.

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