How to Increase Breast Size Naturally

The most attractive and appealing feature of a woman’s body is their breasts. Big breasts can make any woman look way more beautiful and attractive. The perky nature of their breasts also does uplift their confidence anywhere and anytime. It’s an extra add-on to their personality. But not all women are blessed with big, perky, beautiful breasts. Some women have small breasts which makes them feel awkward in public or in their sole leisure time or in front of their partner during their most romantic moments. The reason behind small breasts is huge starting from genetics to past medical history if any, etc. A good amount of women go for surgeries to solve this issue. Surgeries aren’t the best option to rely on as it can leave permanent damages after they are done. You simply can’t undo what’s done, so go for other remedies which are less expensive than surgeries and will surely give fruitful results.

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Choose a Cream or Oil– Massage your breasts with a breast massaging cream or oil. It prevents your breasts from becoming sore, enhances blood circulation and increases the size of your breasts. Always opt for herbal products which do not lead to any side effects. Practice this method twice a day for a month or two. The massage of breasts to increase the size is an age-old and successful method mentioned in many of the books of Ayurveda also. However, the result offered by it is slow yet effective, and hence one needs to carry out the same for a longer period until she gets the expected result.

Warm Hands–Warming up your hands before massaging your breasts can be effective. You don’t have to place your hands on fire, just put some massaging oil in your hands and rub them before you massage your breasts. It’ll give you a sensuous feeling too.

Rub Breasts– Whenever you get some private moments with yourself, drop your bra and place your hands on your breasts. Start gently rubbing them in a circular motion which means the left hand will go in the anti-clockwise direction and the right hand will go clockwise. Each rub must be of 10 seconds and a minimum of 100 to 200 rubs per day will effectively help you increase your breast size. Be gentle and sensuous enough to feel the movement all around your breast. Do not put pressure on them as they are very sensitive. Go slow and always in a circular motion. This can also offer you an increase in the breast size but obviously over a period and not overnight.

It is all about caring for your own body. The most beautiful part of a woman’s body which makes her look a lot more appealing, attractive and beautiful. It is the source of food for a child after birth. It surely deserves a lot of care and comfort. Being an important part of the body and look for proper care must be taken and in case of those who want to increase the size just go slow as the slow results will be permanent.

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