How to Deal with Infected Tragus Piercing

Recently, some body’s parts piercing are more common and not only teenage but also adult love that. Piercing can be done in many areas of the body such as ears, lips, nose, belly button, nipples or even genital area. And the ears are usually pierced. However, tragus piercing is not easy as earlobe to heal without any infection.Tragus is a protrusion on the front of the outer ear and contains cartilage structure, so tragus piercing can leave a wound that becomes tough to do hygiene and easy to get infected than making in earlobe area.

Honestly, piercing generally can decorate and be an outstanding accessory in your body. However, when tragus piercing is infected, many people do not know how to deal with it.

Let’s figure out information and solution with infected tragus piercing below.

What cause infected tragus piercing?

Unclean hairs can be pulled into the hole and accompanied by many bacteria, soap, hair goods or even some skin’s cosmetics can interrupt lesion healing. These factors make the skin around tragus’s wound irritate and have a susceptibility to infection.

What kinds of symptoms tell you about infected tragus piercing?

The identification is different during the time. The symptoms can progress from slight to severe after making tragus piercing.

Keep track of your symptoms to see your scale of infection. Here are some symptoms you may have in the first 14 days of piercing:

  • Impermanent throbbing pain
  • Gentle uncomfortable feeling
  • Redness
  • Benign warmth
  • Pure or yellow discharge

Usually, your wound piercing will completely heal after about 7-8 weeks. Though, your symptoms will just prolong after piercing 1-2 weeks. In some complicated cases, your wound gets infected, and you need to tell your piercer immediately about having some of these symptoms:

  • Tumidity which is longer than 48 hours
  • Still feeling uncomfortable
  • Persistent heat
  • Intense pain
  • Discharge with blood and maybe contain pus also
  • Any bumps appear around wound
  • Pus with abnormal color or with odor

You need to tell your reamer about your unusual symptoms, and he can give you’re the treatment. However, you need to know how to make your condition not become worse when waiting for his treatment. Here are some pieces of advice for you:

How to deal with infected tragus piercing

1. Don’t play, take off or adjourn your piercing

Bacteria can be brought more into your hole through hands. Therefore, you haven’t to game with piercing. Because you are not trained as a career, so you don’t have enough skills to move or remove the piercing without making it more worse.

Just touching when your hands are ensued clean and doing cleaning daily. Be careful and ask your reamer about what you will do or handle with your ears before doing. They can help you do if you can’t.

2. Wash piercing site two to three times daily

Wash two to three times a day on the first eight weeks after you did tragus piercing. However, the period is applied depending on your condition and sort of skin.

You can use normal saline to clean your piercing. Normal saline is highly recommended to use because of safe and efficient quality. You can make this solution by yourself or buy at the drugstore. Follow step by step below:

  • Penetrate a paper tower with normal saline, then, put on your perforation.
  • Keep this towel on both sides to absorb the piercing lesion comprehensively.
  • Use another paper towel if you want to make crusts soften and clear any discharges.
  • Keep going this for some minutes until the crust softens and detach from the surface.

You can make sea salt solution by yourself at home and then use as the same way as normal saline. Do you know how to make a sea salt solution?

  • Prepare a glass of 8 ounces warm water
  • Supplement 1 sea salt’s teaspoon to this glass
  • Sir this glass of this mixture

When salt does dissolve, we have this solution for hygiene.

Can you use another product for cleaning piercing site?

Not every product you can use for applying your skin to your wound.  You need to know precisely what you can use to make your piercing site doesn’t become worse. Ask your reamer. Some goods contain some ingredients that are not good for healing tragus piercing places such as alcohol fluid, hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin, ointment or some ear care liquor.

Another way which you can utilize?

Make a warm compress for healing your wound faster. Douse a paper towel on the glass which holds warm water inside. Then put this towel on your piercing site for some minutes.

Maybe an antibacterial cream can be used for some complicated condition. Ask your consultant to choose and apply products for piercing. Be careful to embarrass with unction. An ointment can make your situation worse because of blocking circulation in your area and delay healing process.

  • Make bed cleanly: if you make your bed dirty or doesn’t change it very often which will contain barrier bacterium. When turning the body on the couch, bacteria contact with the piercing site and bring infection.
  • Don’t make your wound sensitive: keep wearing clothes not cover this area will prevent your piercing healing and more sensitive reaction. Be careful when wearing your clothes and put them out of your ears.
  • Don’t touch very often with unclean hands: don’t forget to clean your hands carefully first before being in contact with this site.
  • Keep hygiene: clean some implements where your piercing may contact.

Don’t try to squeeze if you have discharge that makes this wound swollen. Don’t try to solve on your own initiative when you run into troubles with your tragus piercing.

Final thoughts

Tragus piercing becomes a modern style combining with jewelry which used to be a hot trend of the youth. However, you probably don’t know their pain, their symptoms of infection or other worse problems when wearing piercing, which can happen sometimes. Don’t be neglect any abnormal changes you are suffering which can tell about needing helps from piercer.


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