Know our DNA, synonymous with better quality of life

Knowing our DNA is fashionable. Thanks to it we can know many things: what kind of skin we have; if we are intolerant to lactose, although you will already have noticed, why we have the difficulty of controlling our weight … but also shows other things, such as the predisposition of our genes to suffer from osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s, among many others. Better to know or to remain in ignorance? We think the answer is clear.

There are many commercial DNA tests on the market, aimed at health, diet, exercise and general well-being. These tests are not directed to tell us if we have the genes conceived to suffer this or that disease that threatens our life. The BRCA1 gene, this was the one that told Angelina Jolie that she had an 87% risk of having breast cancer and a 50% chance of ovarian cancer, allowed Jolie to be cautious and prepare for what eventually ended up-coming.

It is important to have information about the DNA testing center that will perform your genetic test. Chronomics aims to offer personalised epigenetics tests to tell you about health and wellness with their cutting edge AI platform.

Our lifestyle, essential

Genetics influences 30% of our future health, but the remaining 70% depends on lifestyle and epigenetics. These tests allow us to make decisions about how to live. By knowing our genes analyzed in detail, we obtain valuable information about the risks of developing certain diseases and this offers us to create a new lifestyle to slow down the aging process of our bodies. In short: we cannot change our genes, but we can certainly change our way of life. Genes are only a small percentage of history and that lifestyle plays an important role in what happens to us. The Chronomics test can tell you many things about health, but leaving aside probabilities about diseases, the important thing is to have the tools to optimize our chances of living a healthy life.

There are some interesting genetic tests to be able to prove:

  • Skin Study: knowing your genes is key to the success of your anti-aging skin care regimen. They are programs that examine genetic markers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the skin, results that are used to prescribe the correct ingredients of skin care and lifestyle tips.
  • Nutritional information: Through genetic markers and knowing our eating habits, we can control weight and our physical activity. Also, highlight the predispositions to intolerances and cardio-metabolic disorders.
  • The lifestyle test: If you think you need to review how your lifestyle is affecting your health, then a DNA profile of your personality traits might work. The epigenetic test of well-being and lifestyle will explore the interaction of genes and environment associated with your body clock, learning patterns and social skills, allowing you to play with your strengths.
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