Whoever thinks that you are drunk only by alcohol, is wrong. Even sleep deficit can trigger a noise-like condition, as recent studies show.

After a troubled night, you usually do not get much without an occasional caffeine push – you are unconcentrated, exhausted and staggered almost by the day. No wonder finding British scientists. They have now confirmed in the course of an investigation that sleep deficiency has a similar effect on the body as alcohol.


For their study, the researchers of the Royal Society for Public Health analyzed studies on sleep deficits – including one of the University of New South Wales. In this study, 30 participants from the transport industry and nine from the army were scrutinized: they examined their physical and cognitive abilities with and without sleep deprivation as well as sober and alcoholized. On the one hand, the subjects had to perform some performance tests after 28 hours without sleep, on the other hand with 1 per mille blood alcohol.

The results were shocking:

Already after 17 hours of waking, many of the sober participants were worse off in some of the tests than the alcohols with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.5 per thousand.

In their report, ‘Waking up to the health benefits of sleep’, British researchers now stress that sleep deficits have a negative effect on the skills needed in road transport and in industrial professions: they become uncoordinated, inattentive and less responsive Dangerous everyday risk!


If you are caught behind the wheel in an alcoholic state, it can not only be expensive but also end in the driving ban, depending on how much per thousand you have. An equally great danger, however, is also sleep deprivation, as has been shown. The concern: According to the DAK, sleep disorders among professionals aged between 35 and 65 years have risen by 66 percent since 2010, which means that many of them are often on the road with limited performance in traffic and jobs. This significantly increases the risk of an automobile, occupational or household accident.

It does not, however, remain: experts say a persistent sleep deficiency can promote cardiovascular disease and also the likelihood of getting cancer is getting bigger.

Tips for dealing with fatigue

One should sleep seven to nine hours a night as an adult to avoid dangerous withdrawal symptoms. If you notice that the eyelids become heavy during driving, you should not fight against fatigue, but take a break.Movement in the fresh air and/or a short Coffee Nap (a cup of coffee with a subsequent nap) make tired spirits happy again. The same applies, of course, to the work.

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