Receive a Therapeutic Massage Treatment Periodically for Tension Pain

We are not in the habit of going to treat the Physiotherapist if it is not that we suffer an injury or ailment. But perhaps we should if we knew what are the benefits of treating us without waiting to have a problem.

Why should we treat ourselves periodically as prevention and/or maintenance?

We should take an example from the philosophy of oriental medicine: “The doctor visited the house often, took the pulse and controlled the vital signs of each of his tenants, and gave them the advice and medicines that suited everyone, in order to treat situations before diseases appear. While the people of the house were healthy, the doctor received a sum of money every month, but if someone became ill, they stopped paying him until he returned the patient’s health, even paying from his own pocket”.

Following this philosophy, we would stay longer healthy and balanced, than sick, because instead of waiting to suffer pain or another symptom to go to treatment, we went as maintenance would avoid many problems, such as tension, contractures, cramps,…

All of us suffer or have suffered from back pain (cervical, dorsal or lumbar) caused by stress, worries, nerves or bad positions we adopt because of work.

In my case, my body has become accustomed to having a maintenance once a month that helps me to stay without injuries and feel good, physically and mentally. It has become accustomed to receiving decontracting therapeutic massages to relax those tensions caused by those we mentioned at the beginning. Our body is so accustomed to being treated that when it begins to approach the day of treatment, it complains, it hurts, we contract it.

Usually the first thing that the body says or asks you is usually that you stretch that painful area

Why? Because of the stress, nerves, worries and bad habitual postures the muscle fibers contract, they keep in contraction without returning to their normal position of relaxation so that the contracture or “knot” is formed, which is what we can then find on palpation, a more thickened area and usually lasts in the form of a cord. To reduce that contracture, helping the muscle to return to its normal position, one of the forms is stretching. That’s why we feel that sensation that needs to stretch.

If stretching is not enough since we have not reduced our stress level, modified harmful postures or eliminated worries. The muscle continues to hurt, and little by little it begins to force you to limit certain movements that aggravate your pain. At this point, it is usually when we begin to take pills, paracetamol, anti-inflammatory,… But those who do listen to our body know that we have overcome and we need something more to help us lower muscle tone, eliminate contractures. We can go to the physiotherapist to do a decontracting therapeutic massage brandon fl.

There are many types of massage, but in this case, the one that interests us is the descontracturante therapeutic, since the objective of this is to find the most painful and contracted areas of the muscle, once found treating them trying to reduce even eliminate that maintained contraction that has formed muscle tension.

Therefore, it is very important to listen and understand our body and then, when we have achieved that, remedy. That is why receiving treatment is not only for when we have an injury. Receiving craniosomatic therapy helps us to prevent future injuries and keep us in an optimal state of health, getting to be well physically and mentally as long as possible without suffering pain.

What are the benefits of massage?

The therapeutic massage has multiple physical and psychic benefits, that is, the body and the mind, which is why it is so satisfying for any person, that no person misses a massage.

  • Increases local blood flow (vasodilation) which also favors the drainage of local biochemical substances that increase pain.
  • Therapeutic massage raises the pain threshold due to a release of endorphins.
  • If there is any possibility of damage or injury, the benefits of therapeutic massage in any case will be greater than the potential damage.
  • The mechanical forces applied to the soft tissues alter the flexibility of the connective tissue, stimulate the myofascial system and stimulate changes in muscle tone.
  • Increased mobility of skin, fascia and muscle tissues.
  • It produces a state of relaxation and well-being.
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