Things To Know About Meditation for Kids

What if we told you that much of what most parents want for their kids, emotionally, socially and personally, is accessible through meditation practice regularly.

You probably would not believe it but the impact of meditation on kids can be life-changing. We all want our kids to be all-time happy, healthy, and compassionate. We want them to do well in school, have lots of friends and the inner confidence to be true to themselves.

Benefits of Meditation for Kids

There are a lot of studies showing the positive effect of meditation practice for kids and mindfulness on our health and well being. And these great benefits aren’t just for adults!

Here are some of the positive traits and skills meditation can help instill in your kids. These traits and skills will give them a strong foundation for future and also that will serve them well as they develop strong mind and body during their growth.

Attention and Concentration improvement

Kids learn how to control and focus on their attention and concentration. This helps them read, study and learn more efficiently. It is already proven that a daily meditation practice, helps to increase their grade point in school.

Self Regulation

Kids learn to become more aware of their own bodies and how to take control of their emotional and physical states. This ability to calm themselves when they experience stress is an invaluable tool for a healthy mind for a growing child, and leads them to have a more positive outlook on life and helps them to be more confident.

Social Skills and Self-esteem boosting

Regular meditation practice helps kids learn how to pay attention to their thought process and emotions, means how to control your mind. So that they are able to be more empathetic and more compassionate toward others. They even turn out to be better listeners.

Creative Thoughts improvement

Kids are generally very creative, but most often they do not fully tune in to their creative wellspring due to various reason. Meditation practice leads to an increased ability for kids to tap into their natural creativity thoughts.

Psychologists at Leiden University found that, after practicing short meditation exercises, participants performed better than the non-practicing ones on tasks that required them to generate new creative thoughts.


As they grow, kids learn who they are and what they want to become in future, makes them happy. Meditation teaches them self-awareness. By looking inside themselves that means inner you, they find out what they are passionate about and what they want to do in life. They understand their own reactions better and can learn to self-regulate or control by self when they are triggered. Meditation for kids helps to develop a certain independence of mind and so they can follow their own intuition instead of just following the crowd.


Elementary-aged children use entertainment technology – video games, texting, TV, encourages fast-paced and frenetic mind activity and a culture of multi-tasking. Kids are especially susceptible to the side effects of too much technology, such as less patience, shorter attention span, anxiety, and nervousness. It’s very important to counterbalance all this exposure to technology, meditation is the perfect complement for this. So they feel more calm and relaxed.

Different Themes of Meditation to Choose

Here is the theme or different form of meditation guidelines for kids that include many different topics including:

– Having Gratitude
– Calming Our Minds, for peace
– Being aware of our Negative Thoughts
– Being aware or having control over our Emotions
– Being aware of our Breathing
– And more…

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