Treatment of Sciatica with Exercises, Self-Massage and Stretching

Sciatica is one of the painful processes that most frightens people have suffered or not. It is an affection of the sciatic nerve for various reasons but often there are other ailments that can be confused with sciatica.

What is sciatica?

Sciatica, caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve, this nerve irritation can be reflected in a symptom of continued pain, functional impotence or muscle atrophy, there are also many muscles such as the gluteus minimus active trigger points can give a pain with a distribution similar to the pain produced by irritation of the sciatic nerve but does not involve any involvement of the nerve itself.

Causes of sciatica

The sciatic nerve is usually compromised by two main causes, a compression at the level of the nerve root caused by a lumbar hernia or compression caused by a spasm or excessive tension of the pyramidal muscle, the nerve has a very close step has this small muscle and there are also anatomical differences since sometimes it can pass more or less close to the pyramid or even cross it between its fibers.

Treatment of sciatica

From the physiotherapy, we have many resources for the treatment of this pathology from the mobilization of the nervous or neurodynamic system, dry puncture or global postural re-education RPG. Now, we will explain you the following exercises, stretching, and self-massage:

  • Self-massage of gluteus and pyramidal
  • Stretching and mobilization of the nervous system of the leg
  • Combined stretch of psoas and hamstring
  • Stretch back to the edge of the table

Self-massage of gluteus and pyramidal

We teach you how to treat your gluteal area in a simple and very effective way. This area is subject to multiple tensions both dynamic and postural and sometimes in a lack of strength conditions. With the massage brandon fl, you will contribute to improve the state of these muscles improving or avoiding typical injuries of these muscles such as lumbar pains, trigger points or pyramidal syndromes.

Stretching and mobilization of the nervous system of the leg

The sciatic nerve is one of the most compromised of the body can be irritated by different causes such as compression by disc or muscle hernias such as the pyramidal muscle that can cause pain in its total or partial travel as well as loss of strength of the muscles to the muscles. With massage valrico fl, you will find an easy way to mobilize this nerve through a simple combination of movements of the head and legs.

Combined stretch of psoas and hamstring

The joint stretching of these muscles will help you to save time in your daily routine, since they are fundamental structures to stretch daily, given their importance in the functions of joint movement and postural control, as well as the correct coordination between these antagonistic muscles in their function in the hip, will allow a daily life and practice more effective sports avoiding possible injuries.

Back stretch at the edge of the table

This activated isolated stretching is a simple but hard exercise for some people who already have an important lower back stiffness and feel that their back is “going to split” literally. This obviously never happens, but if it happens that with the passage of days and the repetition of this exercise, the area is losing stiffness and gaining mobility which is usually accompanied by a reduction in back pain and although it seems surprising an improvement in the energetic state of the person.

This is one of the most beneficial effects of this exercise since low dorsal kyphosis is associated with an energetic and therefore postural collapse and if we reduce it we will immediately feel a more straight posture and with less effort to maintain it.

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