Types of Anesthesia for the Adult Circumcision Surgery

The circumcision surgery in adult men is one that surgeons perform under regional or local anesthesia. In most cases, the medical indications for this surgical procedure include recurrent balanitis, phimosis, paraphimosis and posthitis (or prepuce inflammation). However, there are also some non-medical reasons for the adult circumcision surgery, including personal, social or sometimes religious.

Commonly, the surgical procedure takes place using the sleeve or dorsal slit technique. In most cases, the dorsal slit technique is a preferable one for patients who suffer from conditions like phimosis. On the other hand, the sleeve technique is one that provides better control when it comes to bleeding in patients who have large subcutaneous veins. Before the circumcision procedure, it is important that you consult your specialist first. The possible complications of the procedure may include bleeding, infection, change in the sensation (changes may occur during intercourse) and poor cosmetic results.

The Adult Circumcision Surgery

The circumcision surgery is a procedure that takes about an hour to complete. As mentioned above, you have a good variety of choices to make for the surgical procedure. The very first choice according to priority is choosing a certified surgeon (such as a Circumcision Center specialist). The second is choosing whether you should have the procedure done in the surgical center, office settings or a hospital operating room. The third important consideration is whether you want the procedure to take place under general, local or intravenous sedation anesthesia.

Most men wonder whether they should choose to cut or not to cut, but this depends on various factors. Regardless of the reason why you need the surgery, you should know that the procedure involves the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis. According to the World Health Organization, “An estimate of about 30% to 33% males aged 15 and above go through the circumcision surgery.” In the United States:

  • Over 60% of newborn males were circumcised in the year 1992
  • Often, the reason why adult men opt for this procedure is due to medical indications, but personal reasons may also apply

The Anesthesia Choices for Adult Circumcision

Surgeons can perform this procedure under the local anesthesia with an injection of the pain medication around the penis. When the procedure takes place under local anesthesia, you will be fully awake, but you won’t feel the pain. The surgeon performs it under sterile conditions in an office setting.

The general anesthesia or the IV sedation anesthesia requires the presence of an experienced anesthesiologist to give the patient the anesthesia. Although it is common to perform this procedure under office settings, it is preferable to opt for it in a surgical center or a hospital setting. Note that under this anesthesia, you will asleep completely and you will not feel anything. You can discuss all the risk factors with your anesthesiologist before the procedure.

The Best One You Can Choose

In most cases, more than about 90% of adult men choose the surgical procedure under local anesthesia. Typically, if the circumcision involves a good penile block, this will allow for a nearly painless and safe one. Many men report that the maximum pain score lasts 1 to 3 out of 10, where one means no pain and 10 the highest pain they experience. When you choose an experienced clinic, you need to know they will offer you painless options.

The most common type of anesthesia surgeons recommend for patients who have concerns of pain are the intravenous or the general anesthesia, but in general, the local anesthesia is the best and safest choice as it lets you breathe on your own.

Local Anesthesia

You should know that the local anesthesia refers to the injection of the pain medicine in the area where the incisions will occur. With the local anesthesia, the patient will remain fully awake but the painful sensation will not be one they feel.

General Anesthesia

However, the general anesthesia refers to the anesthesia type that typically puts the patient into a deep sleep. The patient does not remember, what happens to them after they wake up and during the procedure, they feel no pain. As the procedure goes on, the patient will need a machine to aid breathing.

The choice of the anesthesia also affects the cost of the circumcision. Under local anesthesia, the circumcision surgery is the least expensive one and since it takes place under office setting, the associated charges are minimal. Compared to the local anesthesia, the IV sedation or general require hospital charges, including the surgical costs.

Before you opt for the surgery, it is advisable that you discuss all your concerns with your surgeon and anesthesiologist. You should conduct a thorough research on your own and choose the anesthesia you feel most comfortable with (as well as a surgeon who has enough years of experience with the adult circumcision surgery.

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