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Use Your Mind And Body – Exercises For Golf

Last updated on August 29, 2018

The muscle between the ears is as important as your bodily muscles when it comes to the game of golf. Tiger Wood’s Dad taught him this early on in his childhood years. It’s obviously the reason he can sometimes pull off the most stunning shots. However, exercises for golf can be as simple as just walking the course instead of using a cart. An average golf course in the United States is about 4 and a half miles.

Range of motion is very important in perfecting your golf swing. Tight non-flexible muscles will cause you to have a short swing. If you watch a pro golfer you will see that they have remarkable range and a smooth swing. Flexibility in the shoulders torso and hips is key to a graceful swing. Part of the beauty of the game is looking great while playing. I say this as a female golfer who believes in looking great and elegant on and off the course!

Now let’s talk about the exercises. Stretches are particularly important, and not just your ordinary routine stretches. I’m talking about specific golf stretches. These stretches will not only improve your game, but as an added benefit they will also prevent back pain. Here are a couple of great stretches:

Lying Leg Crossover:

– Lie on your back with legs stretched in front of you.

– Extend one leg up and bend at a 90 degree angle from the knee and hip.

– Keep opposite shoulder on the ground while extending that leg over.

– Keep extending leg until you feel a slight pull in the lower back and your butt.

– Hold the position for 15 seconds and repeat one more time.

– Switch sides and do the same with your other leg.

It’s important to use as little hip movement as possible and this stretch will improve your chances of keeping your hips in place with less wiggle.

Back Swing Stretch:

– Put your left arm in front of you.

– Put your left wrist under your right hand.

– Make a big turn on your back swing while holding your right hand against your left wrist.

– Do this for 15 seconds and then repeat.

– On your other side, go in the opposite direction and follow through.

This one loosens the muscles in your shoulders, making for a better back swing and follow through. Some other stretches you might try are, Side Bends, Upper Body Trunk Rotation, Hamstring and Quadriceps stretches.

All of the above guarantees more yards off the tee. That said; it only works if you do the stretches everyday. Don’t forget the discipline of the mind and focusing techniques as equally important exercises for golf.


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