For gaining any sort of physical strength different types of workouts prove to be the most helpful weapon, to say the least. Similarly, for increasing vertical jump the leg strength is an essential factor to deliver a better power delivery for a higher leap. Here are a few exercises that you can include in your vertical jump workout to see a dramatic difference.


Calisthenics is easy but effective exercises. They can be performed at any place without the use of equipment. They are good to increase strength. Perform calisthenics that helps improve your leg muscles which will help in a better leap. They also help in increasing agility. You can include pushups, jumping jacks, lunges, and sit-ups in your workout. One of the most essential factors of these exercises is that they take very less amount of time. You don’t need to set up a benchmark for these exercises, just keep pushing through your limits and the numbers will change almost every day. Performing leg stretches and standing on one leg for a short period of time in a day will also help your cause. 20xcalf rises will help strengthen your calves.


Plyometric is the most helpful exercises for increasing strength. They use explosive force to train muscles. They rely on incorporate jumping and body weight to achieve results.

Jump Squats:

Jump squats are just your regular squats but instead of getting up like a normal squat you have to jump. Start with 3 sets of 5 and when it becomes comfortable you can increase it as per your convenience.

Bulgarian Splits:

Stand a few steps away from a box or chair and place your non-working leg on it. Then slowly lower your body till your back knee is touching the ground then push yourself back up. Start by doing 3 sets of 5 or 8 depending on your convenience.

Box Jumps:

Place a steady box on the ground that can hold your weight. This is an easy but effective exercise. Simply make 3 reps of jumping explosively on the box.

Jump Rope:

It is often a hobby of young children to skip rope or jump rope. You will also find lots of people trying to lose weight by skipping rope but this is not the only use of skipping rope.

Including skipping rope to your vertical jump workout schedule will definitely help your cause.


As mentioned numerous times earlier that strengthening your leg muscles will help you in making a better leap. There is no better place than the gym to go and use weights to increase any type of strength. Trap bar deadlift, single arm dumbbell snatches, and weighted squats are perhaps one of the basics exercise to do in the gym that will help in gaining strength quickly.

Although you will not see your progress overnight a dramatic change might be observed with one month of constant hard work. One more thing you need to keep in check is rest which is perhaps as important as your workout. Include one day of full rest per week in your vertical jump workout schedule with two days of rest between a day of plyometric in those rest days however you can do other exercises but not in the full day rest. Rest will help regrow your muscles better.

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