What Is Pitta Dosha? The Causes, Symptoms and Yoga Remedies

Pitta Dosha is something most of the people are suffering from and this is what affects their lives very badly. Don’t know what is Pitta Dosha or what does it mean? Well, it is something must be known as it can make us sick very badly and affects our lifestyle a lot. Pitta Dosha is called as the combination of the water and fire elements and it is responsible for transformation within the body.

Pitta is basically is an alkaline fluid which is produced by the liver. Pitta is the Sanskrit word which is known as bile and it is temporarily stored in the gallbladder, which helps in the process of digestion, metabolism and maintaining body temperature. What is Pitta Dosha? When it is there is a proper amount, it governs the temperature of the body, digestion, and metabolism. But when the level of pitta increases it may lead to serious health issues, which is known as Pitta Dosha. When any person suffers from Pitta Dosha there can be few or more symptoms can be seen as follows-

-Feeling hungry and Thirsty

-Dryness in mouth

-You may feel the heat

-A headache

-White hair in young age

-More sweating and bad breath


Don’t you worry if you are suffering from the very same issues, with the help of ultimate home remedies, along with the YOGA it can soon be eliminated? Why don’t you try yoga which is very effective and excellent exercise for balancing your life? Moving up with Yoga, with the help of many yoga poses or asanas will help a lot with the doshas and offer the greatest benefit for balancing your dosha without any hassle. 200-hour yoga practice for a Pitta, it always supports in enhancing the compassion, acceptance, the relaxed effort, and you will become cool by nature. Pitta-Centered yoga practice is focused, challenging, and heating and with the same, there is a great chance of transformation happens in the fire.

Causes of Pitta Dosha

There are major causes which influence the amount of the Pitta dosha, including- Stress, Tension, a lot of tea and alcohol, smoking, junk food, and poor lifestyle. Yoga is the best way to help in avoiding pitta dosha and here are the best poses one should definitely go with as follows-

Child Pose

When it comes to a pitta pacifying yoga pose, you start up with the child pose or balasana and get great relief. Make a child pose and breathe into the back body and do notice your breath in the back body so that you can feel the low back inflate. This posse will help in stretching the spine and back muscles, which calms down the nervous system and gently massages the digestive and pelvic organs for better results.

Full Yogic Breathe

To do so, you will need to be in a peaceful ambiance and sit in a comfortable position and take a slow deep breath into the belly. You will need to concentrate on your breath and don’t forget to lengthen your exhalation to feel the breath in your back body. This will calm your nervous system, give you all peace by slow down your mind and increases the lung capacity.

Seated forward bend

For this pose, you will need to sit with an elongated spine and legs stretched out in the front of your body and engage the legs by hugging the muscles to the bones. Bend towards your legs and pay extra attention to your spine. Don’t stretch much if you can’t handle. This pose is very effective and will stretches the hamstrings and will calm down the mind, tones of the spine and help you with your abdominal and other internal organs.

To eliminate the pitta dosha, other yoga poses are very beneficial ranging from Revolved abdomen variation to half shoulder stand, bridge, Locust, a cobra, revolved side angle and revolved chair.  

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