Why is it better to consult a dietitian for weight loss?

There are many amongst us who can lose weight easily with some changes in their daily lifestyle and diet, but there are many who need the help of experts to guide them through the phases of losing weight. The weight loss industry is going through an ever emerging phase, as more and more people are now understanding the need to lose weight and stay healthy.

As per the best dietitian for weight loss, a dietitian is like a food doctor to you. We must understand that food and nutrition are science and we all are not equal. Something that might work good on one, might not be at all effective for another. And it is here the science of nutrition plays it vital role. This is best understood only by an experienced and expert dietitian.

Expert and acclaimed dietitian Sheela Seharawat, also amongst the list of the best dietitian in India, every person on earth have a different eating habit, fitness levels, body type, and medical history and hence one diet cannot suit all. A qualified and expert dietitian can customize diets for each individual and it is purely based on that person’s current health status, present medical conditions, and physical and psychological status.

How can a dietitian help be healthy and effective weight loss?

The best dietitian in Punjab shares her views. According to her, a dietitian is like an expert with food who has the ability to interpret all the information about a person and evaluate his or her needs and work out the best possible diet for him or her based on scientific reliabilities and evidence. A dietitian is always a better choice and in a number of ways and these are:

  • Takes control of the food choices depending on the food choices at every phase of a person’s life – child, young, grown-ups and elderly.
  • Clears all doubts and concepts that pre-exists with us and guides us on what to eat, how to eat and when to eat.
  • Plans specific diets for people who heed dietary advises on special medical needs or diseases like thyroid, heart issues. Tuberculosis, osteoporosis, PCOD, celiac disease and many other apart from general weight loss.
  • It provides a balanced diet plan that is carefully crafted as per needs and requirements.
  • Access lifestyle related disorders like diabetes, obesity and more and plans out a healthy dietary regime based on balanced diets to make the person healthy back again and prevent any further disorder.
  • Are very helpful both ways – weight gain and weight loss and that too in a healthy way without the fear of any side effects or any sort of nutritional deficiencies.
  • Assists people who are looking for peak performance and better endurance like kids, athletes. Devices out ways and means with the foods to improve and sustain better performances.
  • A qualified and experienced dietitian is able to help people with particular nutritional deficiencies like that of calcium or iron or vitamin D and plans out a diet for them to rectify their problem.

In a nutshell, a dietitian can not only be the best mentor for your weight loss goals but for overall good health and longevity.

According to a dietitian’s point of view, people who are serious about weight loss and their overall health would do well to consult a health professional to help them lose weight and stay active and fit. At least they’ll know that they’re seeking advice from someone with credentials and who won’t steer them the wrong way.

Who is a dietitian and why are they different and better for consulting on weight loss?

There has been a wrong misconception that to become a qualified dietitian, anyone can do a three to six months crash course and become one. But, that’s not actually true. To be a qualified dietitian one needs to either have a bachelor’s degree or a post-graduate degree course from a recognized university or institution in Food Science and Nutrition and Dietic. Along with an internship at a multi-disciplinary hospital for at least 6 months is necessary. Further to get registered and recognized an added clearance of the National Registered Dietitian Examination, conducted by the India Dietetics Association is a must. There are many dietitians who also have done their Doctor of Philosophy in food sciences and nutrition.

Well, saying so, qualification is just a license to practice or work as a dietitian, but to become an expert, personal interest and the niche to create a difference in the area of food and nutrition is what makes a normal dietitian a reputed and acclaimed one.

The nest time whenever you decide to diet and take care of your health, ensure that you seek guidance from an expert and acclaimed dietitian for sue shot and better results. You will be thoroughly guided in your pursuit of a healthy and happy life.

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